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Monday, March 01, 2010

Prim & Proper

The other night we went to dinner at some friends' house. After dinner, the adults played Euchre while the kids did what kids do (make messes in the loudest way possible). About mid-way through the game Ava went up to one of our hosts and said, "Excuse me, can I please have an orange?" This floored us. We've tried to be really good about getting Ava to say please and thank you, but its usually something that's after the fact, like "What do you say?"... "oh yeah, Please". This came out of nowhere and with such good sentence structure and manners that it took us by surprise. I don't have a clue where she learned to say "Excuse me" because we haven't been working on that.

This weekend my Dad and his girlfriend, Rhonda, came down to visit. Coincidentally, we were sitting at the table about to play Euchre when Ava came up to Rhonda and said, "Excuse me, can you please help me?" She wanted Rhonda to go play Barbies with her or something like that.

So it must not be a fluke. Either she's truly turning into a polite young lady or she only does so when we play Euchre. I knew that game was awesome.


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