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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Computer Problems

I know the Fisk's are known for long time spans between posts but I was really trying to stay on top of updates on the kids. Jeremy was trying to download almost two months of pictures onto his computer and the computer refused to read the picture card. So, he tried to release some memory thinking that was the problem and it didn't work. Therefore, I am going to do some updates minus the pictures and I promise when we figure this out you will all get your picture fix.

Last week Jeremy and I celebrated six years of marriage! We went out for amazing Italian and a movie. It was wonderful to have a night out with just us and remember how it all happened. Next month we will have been together for 9 years! Time flies when your in love!!!!

Ellie is now eating cereal and 1st step foods. So far she loves everything we feed her. She wasn't too crazy about plain cereal but once we mixed something with it she wolfs it down. She is also rolling over, all the time. I put her in the middle of the floor and in about 3 minutes she is all over the place. I wanted her to roll over so bad and now I am thinking that I liked it when she stayed in one place. Crawling is next!

Ava is doing great at the new sitter. She is making lots of friends and is learning their names slowly. She rarely has an accident anymore (number 1) and is starting to make more of an effort with getting to the potty for number 2. She loves her baby sister and I think she really enjoys that they go to the same sitter.

School is going great for me. I have two great new friends that work with me in kindergarten and I love all my students. I really enjoy having two classes and my school is great all around. Really, really, really happy right now. All I can do is wait until November for out Florida trip!


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Saturday, August 08, 2009


A lot has happened since we were in St. Louis. We drove a little longer and spent a couple of days in Kansas City then went back home through St. Louis and saw The Arch. Jeremy had gone when he was very young and didn't remember it and I have never been as far as I know. It was quite amazing. Here are some pictures.
The Arch

Us minus Ava in the capsule to the top.
Ava on the other side of our capsule.The family looking out the viewing portals at the top of The Arch.
My husband is awesome. Ava walks so slow and it took forever to get to The Arch so Jeremy put her on his back on our way to the car. He walked all the way to the car like this. It took a third of the time. He had tons of people staring probably thinking, "Why don't those people just get a stroller?"

Well, we got back to Noblesville Sunday evening and we were beat. Plus I had tons of laundry and just regular cleaning to do. We also had four messages one being from the man in charge of hiring for the school district that I work for. When you are already hired you still don't want a call from this guy. I tried calling him that night and had to leave a message and he did not call me until Monday morning. He wanted to meet with me some time Monday. So, I asked him if I could meet after Ellie's four month appointment with both girls. He said it was fine and we headed out.

Ellie's appointment went great. She weighs 14 lbs 5 oz and is 25 inches long now. The doctor said we could start feeding her cereal and she really isn't a fan. She also got her four month vaccinations and she did well but was very sore the next 3 days. She looks so much like Jeremy I now know what he has been going through the last 3 years with Ava hearing how she looks so much like me. This isn't the best picture of Ellie but it was the only one we took on her 4 month birthday.

We met with the man in charge and he explained that numbers had dropped at several schools and there would be nine teachers moving to different schools. He said that my name came up as a great candidate to move to a new school since I have done it before and I would be professional about the move. They decided on placing me at Stony Creek teaching kindergarten. This is my third school in the four years I have been in Noblesville. Initially I was in shock and just went into over drive. He asked me to take the girls and meet my new principal so she could give me the tour and show me my new room (which is very small for kindergarten and has very little storage). After all of that on Monday I was exhausted. Jeremy came home and our neighbors watched the girls for a little bit and we packed all of my stuff at the old school. On Tuesday they took my stuff to the new school for me and I've been spending the rest of the week getting my room ready for school on Monday. I am finally ready (with help from Jeremy and Nicole) and excited to be back in kindergarten. I think this is going to be a great year! Ava and Ellie will also be going to a different sitter and we are looking into Ava going to a preschool three times a week. I know God has great things in store for our family with these new changes. I can't wait!

I almost forgot, on Tuesday I had a dental cleaning. I was feeling very confident that I wouldn't have any cavities because I took extra calcium with Ellie and I have been flossing! I was wrong. I had three cavities. I spent 2 1/2 hours with the dentist on Tuesday right after hearing that I was moving. Not Fun.


  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Allison said…

    Cute hair Doni!!! It looks great!

  • At 2:06 AM, Anonymous john said…

    Well sorry i didnt get a chance to see you guys while i was home this time or have the opportunity to meet my niece. Things got kinda hectic getting situated in the new house and getting ready to move when i get home for good well take care


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