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Thursday, January 08, 2009

We're Still Trying

Even though we have come to the realization that Ava is just not quite ready we are still trying in the mornings and after meals. Here is a picture of Ava on Tuesday. She was a little wet but I thought we would sit on the potty anyway. Her hair is also crazy because she likes to sleep with a pillow over her head.


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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Today I gave Ava a quarter and dime I had in my pocket at the end of the day. She took them from my hand and said, "Pennies!" You see, all coins are pennies to Ava and she LOVES pennies. Next year we might break the bank and just get her a couple rolls of pennies for Christmas.

I took Ava upstairs to show her that she could put her pennies in a piggy bank. It ended up being Doni's piggy bank. She put the coins in one by one and said, "Oh No! More pennies!" I told her we were all out. I showed her that we could put the piggy bank on her dresser in her bedroom. She seemed to like that idea and we went back downstairs.

Later on Ava kept saying that she wanted to go upstairs. Doni said, "You can go upstairs," which Ava apparently thought was a novel idea. I can imagine her thinking, "I can go upstairs by myself? I would have never thought of that!" I watched her go up the stairs and started sneaking up the stairs to peek and figure out what she was doing. The next thing I know she's at the top of the stairs carrying Doni's piggy bank.

It didn't take long for her to figure out that she could get money out of the bank by shaking it upside down. I've made a criminal.


  • At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Allison said…

    That picture is the cutest!


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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Week With the Potty

As Jeremy mentioned I was fortunate to have a week just me and Ava. I thought this would be an opportune time to try potty training again. I was all ready and felt like Ava was too. Monday started off great. She woke up dry and sat on the potty while enjoying a little TV with breakfast. She had not gone and it was going on 45 minutes. I thought we would try out panties and I would just keep asking her if she had to go potty. I asked every 5 minutes and asked her if she was dry and she always responded with a yes. I would confirm and I thought I would sit her on the potty after 20 minutes. It was then that she said, "Oh, no! Wet!" It was also at that point that I started crying with frustration. I decided I would not let it get me too upset and we would keep trying. I showed her how her baby was dry and I praised the baby. I then gave her some "juice" and then sat her on the potty. Ava seemed to be buying it and when I lifted the baby up she had gone potty! Ava and I praised the baby and the baby got some m&m rewards. I thought the rest of the day would be better but we had no luck.

Tuesday was better, she actually used the potty twice. The only problem I found was she was sitting for over an hour each time. This was also in front of the television. I enjoy TV more then the next person but I don't think at the end of the day a 2 year old should have seen more TV then her age.

The sitter called on Wednesday to let me know that Ava would need more diapers which made me break down for the second time this week. I told her about Tuesday and she tried to encourage me with thoughts that Ava gets it but her body doesn't and she just needs more time. She also let me know that she would not be able to let Ava sit for an hour at her house. When Jeremy came home we had a long talk and came up with a more stable routine for Ava and mommy. We will only sit her on the potty for 20 minutes at a time in the morning and after meals as well as before bedtime. This made me feel better.

Thursday and Friday went much better but we never really had any success in the potty. A few drops but that was it. She still got her "pee" rewards of m&m's, double if she starts out dry. On Saturday we finally got to spend some time with daddy and we went to the library to find some potty movies and books. We watched one on Saturday while sitting on the potty, no pee. We tried the rest of the day with no success.

Today we tried but mom was not really into it. We did watch another potty movie, 3 times. She seemed to like it and even tried to sing along to the "potty" song at the end of the story. I have been doing a lot of praying and I really feel in my heart that she gets it but doesn't have that sensation yet. She will even if it takes longer then everyone tells me. We will be throwing a "potty" party when it happens and everyone will know about it. For now we could use as many prayers as possible.


  • At 11:23 PM, Blogger Sara Patterson said…

    Let me know if you want some tips on what finally worked for Trinity. I really do think that something has to just click and then they get it - just wish it was timed with when we want them to get it!!

  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger Doni said…

    I will take any advice that I can get. I welcome it all!!


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During residency I get five straight days off around the holidays. Luckily, my five days started on Christmas Eve. We are going to start spending Christmas together as a family at home, so Doni, Ava, and I had Christmas Eve and Day all to ourselves. 

On Christmas Eve we decided to do something that Doni and I hadn't done in a long time and something that Ava hasn't ever done... We went to the movies. We decided on The Tale of Despereaux because Doni had read the book and we thought Ava would like it. We went all in for the experience getting popcorn, pop, and candy. If it's your child's first trip to the movis, you've gotta do it right. We entered the theater as the previews were showing. Ava couldn't take her eyes off the massive screen. I had to help her up the stairs because she wasn't watching where she was going. 

We picked out some seats near the bottom and sat Ava between us. We sat the bag of popcorn between her legs and she reached in the bag as often, if not more, than Doni and I did. After sampling the pop and Sour Patch Kids, she must have thought she was in heaven! She sat mesmerized for the first half hour of the movie, still transfixed by the size of the screen. After a while she resumed blinking and shifted around in her seat through the rest of the movie, but she quietly watched the whole thing. 

The following day she came down the stairs to see her new kitchen set up in our living room. She loves it. She opened her presents sporatically. She'd open one, play with it for a while, play with her kitchen for a while, and then realize there were more presents under the tree. The cycle repeated throughout the morning. Eventually she got through them all. It was a fun Christmas because this was the first time she had an inkling of understanding about what was going on. 

The next day we started making the rounds to see our families. We left early in the morning for Michigan, only to run into freezing rain on the way. A three and a half hour trip turned into a seven and a half hour trip, two and a half hours of which were spent parked on the highway in traffic jams. Luckily we remembered to bring Ava's portable DVD player. She worked her way through Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2, and another movie in that one trip. She was a trooper.

The rest of our travels were relatively uneventful. If was good to see everyone we got a chance to visit and stay with. My five days off ended too soon, but duty calls. Doni still had another week off. Her focus was going to be potty training. More to come...


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